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Southern Equestrian Park Trust (SEPT) - 2018/9 User Group Document


The SEPT all weather arena is available for use, by individuals and user groups.

All costs outlined below are GST inclusive.

SEPT is pleased to be able to continue to offer all equestrian enthusiasts the opportunity of paying a "Family Membership" fee of $120.00 plus GST ($l38.00) per annum for the use of the arena.

Membership will run from 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019.

Accounts for membership renewal have been sent to the previous season's users. These renewals can be paid direct to the caretaker or posted to the secretary. Confirmation of payment of your current year's membership will be displayed on a whiteboard in the caretaker's shed window. This will allow Bevin, the caretaker and any of the SEPT Trustees to confirm your identity.

A "Family Membership" can be for up to three members of one family (i.e. Mum and two children, three children from one family, husband and wife, etc). SEPT stipulates at the time of paying your membership fee that you supply your contact details and the names of those family members who propose to use the arena. If you have any more than three members of your family who wish to use the arena, there will be an additional fee of $34.50 per annum plus GST payable for those family members. Enquiries can be made to the caretaker or secretary.

However if you have paid a family membership, this does not exclude you from payment of the $5.00 per horse per day fee when attending competitions and clinics held on the arena.

A casual hire rate of $10.00 per horse/pony per session will be charged.

The following rules and recommendations will remain in force:

1. Use of the arena will be at the discretion of the Southern Equestrian Park Trustees.

2. All bookings for User Group, casual use and clinics are to be made through the caretaker., Bevin Roy, by either phone or text on 027 644 9909.

3. A list of equestrian events held on the arena and grounds for the season is available on the Gore A & P Association website - goreapshowgrounds.co.nz.

4.  Casual hire rate of $10.00 per horse/pony per session will be charged. Arena hire monies to be placed in an envelope provided at the caretaker's workshop and put through the slot in the door, or alternatively given to the caretaker.

Unfortunately SEPT trustees have noticed some casual users NOT paying their $10 per horse,which has necessitated a visual recording device being installed to monitor arena use.

5. All User Groups who utilize the grounds for competition, clinics, etc will be charged $5.00 per horse per day. This includes the all-weather, main ring and grass areas. The organisers of any competitions or clinics are responsible for collecting the $5.00 per horse per day and passing this payment on to the caretaker or secretary.

6. User Group payments can be made by cheque to the Secretary, Gore A & P Association, PO Box 79, Gore 9740 confirming numbers. Alternatively you may wish to pay by direct credit. Please contact the Secretary on Phone/Fax (03) 208 4057 or email goreap@ispnz.co.nz for account details.

User Group payments would be appreciated within one month of the competition date. This assists with cash flow for expenses incurred.


Income apportionment as follows:

  • SEPT arena and yard hire is payable to the Southern Equestrian Park Trust
  • Box hire is payable to the Gore A & P Association
  • Use of the main ring and outlying grass areas hire is payable to the Joint Management  Committee.

7.  Yard and Horse Box will be as follows:

  • $10.00 per horse per weekend (one, two or three nights) yard hire (payable to SEPT)
  • $25.00 per horse per weekend horse box hire (payable to Gore A & P Assn). Anyone wishing to hire a horse box for one night the charge will be $15.00.

8.  Care of the arena is the responsibility of the user while under their use.

9.  Signage around the arena is to be followed i.e. remove all manure from arena immediately and certainly by the end of each competition day (in the bins provided); don't tie to fence; ride with a safety helmet at all times, etc

10. No fast work. Respect for other users' safety is paramount.

11. Please keep vehicles and horses off the grass.

12. Boxes (but not yards) can be used free of charge to accommodate horses for family membership and casual use of the arena only, while other horses are being ridden on the arena.

Boxes are to be left clean.

13. Entry on to SEPT arena will be via the south barred gates only.

14. Vehicle entry to the Showgrounds to utilize the SEPT arena will be via Salford Street entrance. In the event these gates are locked, entry can be gained via Bury Street.

15. In order for the arena surface to function optimally it requires maintenance throughout the day during competition. A light set of tyne harrows, to be towed behind a small tractor, would be available and located by the arena upon consultation with the caretaker.

16. It would be expected that at least a minimum of once during each competition day, and at the completion of the day, this harrowing is done.

17. The caretaker will undertake maintenance of the arena at the completion of a competition, but it is NOT his responsibility during competition use.

Let's all enjoy this facility by working together, being honest and respectful to all users.

SEPT Chairperson

Marlene Parkinson

Ph: (03) 246 9539

SEPT Vice Chairperson

Nigel McCoard



Jane Allen

Ph: (03) 208 4057

SEPT Trustees

Dressage: Marlene Parkinson, Allie Harper

Show Jumping: Nigel McCoard, Nikki McLennan


Gore A&P Assn: Tryphena Carter, Robyn Clarke

Gore District Council: Ian Soper, Peter Grant

Eastern Southland Pony Club: Deborah Gibson

Riding for the Disabled: Carol Dawson

Southern Equestrian Park Trust

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